How it Works

What is a Virtual Race?

It’s a simple way to get out and run a race at your own time and leisure. With a virtual event you can stay sleeping till 9 am and not have to get up so early

for race day start time. These runs and rides can be done at anytime time during the day. Also, with a virtual event you can walk, run, skip, crawl, and even push a stroller if you want. All we ask is that you have fun doing it!!! Oh and post pictures on our Facebook page. We would love to see you have fun doing an event. The other nice thing is that there is no age limit. So bring the family out and have fun.

How to Run a Virtual Race?

  1. Choose A Mission – Search through our list of Virtual Runs to find a race you would like to participate in and a cause you would like to support.
  2. Accept The Mission – Register for the race you would like to be a part of, and commit to donating to the associated organization
  3. Run On A Mission – On the “Race Dates” listed in your project, run or walk a 5k! You can run outside, you can use a treadmill, skip, jog, walk or even participate in another race.  You can also submit your race photos and time to our Facebook page.

**If you have additional questions, feel free to check out our FAQ page, or drop us an email.